How to Boost Traffic to Your Real Estate Blog with This Powerful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

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            How to Boost Traffic to Your Real Estate Blog with This Powerful Pinterest Marketing  Strategy

Worried about getting traffic over to your real estate blog? 

If traffic is at a standstill, I have the perfect Pinterest marketing strategy that will jumpstart your blog and build an audience that comes back again and again to your content. 

Boasting over 459 million monthly viewers, Pinterest is a platform not to be missed by any real estate marketer. 

Whether your strong suit is staging, selling, or somewhere in between, if you’re ready to boost your traffic and get some serious clients over to your site, you’ll want to get your real estate blog content on Pinterest and fast. 

Here’s how to easily boost traffic and, ultimately, get leads and sales using one of the most popular marketing tools to hit the internet.

Pinterest tips to boost traffic to your real estate blog

The Stats: Why You Need to Market your Blog on Pinterest 

As if free traffic wasn’t enough, there’s a host of other reasons, (and data) to back why you need to have your real estate blog on Pinterest. 

Here are just a few: 

  • The Extensive Life of A Pin
Tired of losing your content after about 5 minutes on other platforms? Pins don’t necessarily have a “shelf life”(I still get traffic from Pins as old as a year ago!) What about Story Pins? Those last forever. How’s that for content that “sticks”? 
  • 90 % of Pinners go to Pinterest with an Intent to Buy:

Meaning most of your potential clients are on the platform to purchase their next home or home decor ideas--your content should be what they see.

  • 45% of Households on Pinterest have a Median Income of $100,000 or More: 

This insight tells us that many Pinterest users have the ability to purchase  larger items such as real estate. 


desk with blog word on it real estate bloggers

Before We Begin: Is Your Blog Ready?

Is your blog ready for Pinterest? Creating a Pin for your content and tossing it on the platform won’t do much in the way of creating a consistent marketing strategy to generate traffic.  

Use these easy steps to ensure your blog is ready for the influx of Pinterest traffic coming your way: 

Easy Navigation is Key:

You have seconds once someone hits your site to entice them to stay or bounce right off. Ensure that they stay on your site longer with clear navigation buttons for each category on your main page.

Create Killer Content:

You’ve probably heard this catchy phrase before “killer content”. This simply means that you need to speak to your audience.

Entice your readers to stay on site by ensuring your real estate content provides value. The purpose of your writing should do one of a few things:

  • Help your readers (how-to's, list posts)
  • Inform  your readers (how-to's, answering questions)
  • Inspire/Motivate (reasons why...)

Create a Fabulous Freebie:

One of the best ways to  grab new leads from your real estate blog is through the creation of a freebie!

Opt-ins or “freebies” are high value lists, templates, or other digital products that you offer your audience in exchange for their email address. 

Continue to touch base with your audience from your real estate blog by connecting weekly with your email subscribers.

Send them new listings and weekly insights for home buying and selling that you know your audience would love and you’ll begin to build a strong group of loyal followers! 

Check out my freebie right here

Real Estate Freebie for Bloggers real estate bloggers

Now that your real estate blog is ready, it’s time to market it to those 459 million people waiting for your content! 

Dive in below and grab yourself the best Pinterest marketing strategy tips to boost traffic to your real estate blog.

Woman typing on computer connecting with audience Pinterest strategy for bloggers

Connect with your Audience (again and again): 

Pinners (aka your audience) are the main driving force on Pinterest. Many bloggers underestimate the significance of connecting with their audience and, as result, get frustrated and fall short on platforms like Pinterest. 

When marketing on Pinterest, (or even when trying to rank on Google), you need to dive deep into audience insights. 

Understanding what your audience is searching for and why will help you to get your content found faster on Pinterest. 

So where do you start? Think about what your audience needs from you right now, start asking questions and begin running a search right on Pinterest.

 Think about: 

  • Seasonality
  • Location of audience 
  • General interests 

Remember: Pinners are PLANNERS- they come to the platform to be inspired, to plan and to buy.  

Oftentimes, the mindset of a Pinner is often a good month or three ahead of the game in their planning. 

For example, in May, your audience is already in full “summer planning” mode. They’re now thinking about outdoor BBQ’s, Fourth of July and other fun events. 

Keep this in mind as you start to promote certain listings and possibly give suggestions for home decor ideas-both inside and out! 


Computer with Pinterest Pins Examples of Pinterest Pins from Minted Maven

Making Pins that Perform: Creating Scroll Stopping Pin Designs 

Pinterest is a visual search engine which means, your audience is looking for scroll stopping inspiration. How do you achieve this  without spending hours in front of the computer?

Simply take a few of your gorgeous flyers or postcards you’ve created and use them within your Pin designs.

Feature local listings, home decor ideas and any other content you’ve created already and repurpose it on Pinterest.

Even resizing a high quality Instagram post can work! 

Here’s a few tips when it comes to creating those scroll-stopping Pin designs as part of your real estate marketing strategy: 


Pin from Minted Maven How to create optimized Pin Designs


  • Pin perfect sizing: 1000 x 1500 is the best size for Pin designs although you can stretch up to  600 x 1260 
  • Lighter, brighter colors 
  • Ensure your images are high-resolution (nothing grainy)
  • Block style fonts tend to work better on keywords than script fonts.
  • Use keywords on your Pin, Pin title and description  to get your Pins found (we discuss more on this below)


SEO Optimizing Pinterest Pins

Do you Know SEO?  

Similar to Google, search engine optimization is a key component to getting your content found on Pinterest. How can you ensure that you're choosing the right keywords? 

I recommend doing a quick brain dump of keywords that are very specific to your real estate blog, the posts you’ve written and the posts you’re about to write!

Take each of those 5 or 10 core keywords and pop them in the Pinterest search bar. You’re likely to find something like the image below:

Those bolded words next to the core keyword? That’s what your audience is currently searching for! 

Yes-it’s  that simple. 

Take screenshots of these keywords and phrases and then use them in the following places on Pinterest: 

  • Your profile 
  • Your Pin designs
  • Pin titles
  • Pin descriptions 
  • Board titles 
  • Board descriptions

SEO Optimized Pin Real Estate Marketing Pin

SEO Optimized Pin Titles and Pin Descriptions: 

These seemingly simple aspects of your Pin are huge when it comes to the Pinterest algorithm indexing your Pins (aka-how your real estate content gets found on Pinterest).

You’ll want to include a keyworded title along with a conversational description embedded with naturally placed keywords in it to further catch the attention of your audience. (Check out the title & description above)

Optimized Boards: Houses for Your Content

Your profile and Pins aren’t the only spot where SEO reigns supreme.

Board optimization is another key component when it comes to a solidifying your Pinterest strategy for your blog. Here’s how you ensure that your boards are Pinterest perfect: 

  • Create boards that are relevant to your niche and audience 
  • Skip “cute” names for boards that don’t relate (i.e. Rockin’ Real Estate) and use those keywords and phrases to be found (i.e. Real Estate Tips)
  • Optimize your board description by using relevant keywords based on the title and include a call to action at the end

Lost on what types of boards to create? Check out some influencers in your niche! 

Simply type in an influencers company name in the search bar or type in a keyword such as “real estate” 

Then, select “people” to the right and you’ll be able to find a ton of real estate influencers in your niche.

Once you go into an influencer’s account, click on “saved” and you’ll be able to review their boards and get some added inspiration for board creation! 

Consistency is Key 

Posting one Pin once a month isn’t going to build your Pinterest marketing game.

Once you’ve done the above steps, you’ll want to set up a content creation calendar for yourself to remain consistent in creating content for your audience!

Creating 5-7 Pins per blog post is a good rule of thumb and using a Pinterest approved scheduler, like Tailwind, is key in your overall real estate marketing strategy. 


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Connecting Puzzle Pieces Pinterest Strategy Pieces

Connecting the Pinterest Pieces: Marketing that Works for Real Estate Blogs 

Getting free, organic traffic to your blog doesn’t have to be difficult or take months (as it does with Google). 

Doubling up on your marketing strategy (i.e. pairing Google with Pinterest) is one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention and bring in new real estate clients to your blog and your listings!  

Recognizing audience trends, creating scroll stopping images, knowing SEO and developing a consistent content creation strategy are all integral parts in boosting traffic to your real estate blog via Pinterest! 

Marketing your real estate blog on Pinterest is one of the best  marketing tools for realtors in 2021 and beyond.  Are you there yet?


Try any of these Pinterest tips and tricks? Awesome!  Share with us below. 

Have questions on Pinterest marketing for your real estate blog? Drop them below!

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