Instagram for Real Estate Agents: Your Ultimate Guide 

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            Instagram for Real Estate Agents: Your Ultimate Guide 

Marketing on Instagram?  Whether you’re just starting off (what’s a hashtag?), have thousands of followers or are somewhere in between, this ultimate guide on Instagram for Real Estate Agents is your go to for complete Instagram success. 

Getting leads, sales, knowing who to follow and how to post, we cover it all in this easy guide you’ll want to save and go back to whenever you need some serious “Insta” pointers.

Why Real Estate Agents Need to Market On Instagram

With an excessively high engagement rate (over 10x more than other platforms), zero monetary commitment and no competition from Trulia, Zillow and the like, there’s many reasons why Instagram is the perfect place to build your real estate presence. 

If you’re not using Instagram for your real estate marketing, here’s a few more reasons why you need to “up”  your IG game now:

  • 1 billion monthly users can’t be wrong...right? The audience size is massive on Instagram--which means more people for you to engage with
  • 81% of people on Instagram are searching for products and services...including real estate
  • You can see who is engaging with your posts and directly message your most active audience 
  • Instagram is all about images: and pretty pictures sell homes-fast
If you're a numbers person, below is some more data on why you should be on Instagram MORE: 


Instagram Statistics for 2021 Poster  Instagram for Real Estate Agents


Instagram for Real Estate Agents: Your Target Audience: 

In order to score followers, leads and grab sales via Instagram, you’ll need to understand who your target market is on the platform.  Below is a quick list outlining who your key audience is: 

  1. Local homeowners looking to sell 
  2. Local Buyers moving across town
  3. Out of town buyers moving into your community
  4. Out of town Realtors® looking for referral agents in your community
  5. Past clients who can refer you to others
  6. New clients who discover your real estate Instagram profile
  7. Referral clients who were tagged on Instagram by a mutual connection
  8. Local residents who aren’t in the market to buy or sell (yet)

Understanding who to target on Instagram will help you to create content that consistently drives new leads to your Instagram feed every time you post. 

Optimizing your Real Estate Instagram Account: 

Now that you’re marketing on Instagram, you’ll need to do a little optimizing in order to ensure your account gets the traction you want. 

Below are 5 core optimization tips to get your account going today: 

1. Convert to a Business Account: 

It’s not personal: convert your personal account over to an Instagram business account and get access to all the data you’ll use to create an amazing IG account

2. Add keywords to your Instagram profile:

Keywords help to make your account more searchable on Instagram.  Instagram is a social media platform but, similar to Pinterest, it’s also a search engine. Putting in specific keywords will help your audience to find your real estate account. 

Add 1- 2 keywords to optimize your profile and consider the following things: 

  • Your Real Estate niche 
  • Where you’re located
  • What you’re best known for 

Remember to add in a little bit about who you serve as a real estate agent. 

3. Building a Connection: Upload a High Res Photo of You

Build a connection with a picture...of you! Your logo alone won’t connect people to the homes you’re selling.

Remember, Instagram is a visual platform and your profile pic says a lot about your brand, what you represent, and most importantly, who your clients are working with. 

People want to work with individuals who they trust and can connect with. 

4. Choosing Fonts, Colors, and Images

This goes right along with the branding piece on Instagram. Pick a color palette, camera filter and then stick with it. On any visual platform, such as Instagram or Pinterest, images and colors are key.

Sticking with on-brand themes, fonts and colors will help people to recognize you and, therefore, stay with you.   

Have your colors and fonts locked but need easy, done-for-you templates, get your hands on these awesome templates from Minted Maven Co. 

5. Consistently Post Beautiful Images:

I know this sounds obvious, but images and stories are key on Instagram. When people find you on Instagram, your feed is the first thing they see. Make sure your images represent you and your brand every time they land on your Insta feed. 

Real Estate Instagram Influencers: Who to Follow on Instagram 

Below are some of the most outstanding real estate agent accounts you should follow on Instagram. 

From beautiful branding to stunning photography, exceptional messaging, awesome IG Stories and more, these agents are great for inspiration and for building your real estate Instagram account:

  • Nicole  Mickle:@iorlandorealestate: great photography and branding on real estate mixed with quotes and other brand notables
  • Minted Maven Co:@mintedmavenco: templates for complete real estate marketing success! 
  • Joyce Rey Real Estate:@joycereyrealestate: Luxury Realtor with brilliant photography that encompasses both her real estate and spots around the world
  • Fredrik Eklund:@fredrikeklundny: Mixture of real estate with connected family pics defines this popular realtor’s IG account 
  • Chelsea Peitz:@chelsea.peitz: One of the best Instagram for Real Estate marketers out there: lots of tips and tricks to grow your Real Estate biz using Instagram 

Hashtags on a board Hashtags Instagram Instagram for Real Estate Agents: Ultimate Guide

Top Real Estate Hashtags for Marketing

Ah-hashtags. Use them, don’t use them, amount of hashtags, How do you know? Let’s start with the basics. Hashtags are those little words that use the (#) symbol, (i.e. #realestate) after your posts. 

The (#) words you choose are important on a platform like Instagram or Twitter as they categorize your posts into separate topics.  Other Instagram users can then click on those specific hashtags, such as #homeforsale, to see all the posts on that specific topic.

Below are some of the top hashtags every real estate agent on Instagram should use in 2021: 

  • Real Estate Listing Hashtags 
    1. #houseforsale
    2. #homesforsale
    3. #virtualtour
    4. #luxurylistings
    5. #justsold
    6. #openhouse
    7. #offmarketlistings
    8. #pocketlisting
    9. #newlisting
    10. #homeforsale
    11. #renovated
    12. #eatinkitchen
    13. #petfriendly
    14. #condo
    15. #twofamily
    16. #curbappeal
    17. #justsold
    18. #selling
    19. #realestatelifestyle
    20. #newhome
    21. #househunting
    22. #realtorslife
    23. #houseandhome
    24. #homeownership
    25. #ilovemyclients
    26. #happyclients
    27. #housesofinstagram
    28. #buyingahouse
  • Neighborhood Hashtags:
    1. #walkscore
    2. #HOA
    3. #treelinedstreets
    4. #downtown
    5. #uptown
    6. #yourneighborhood + style of home
    7. #yourneighborhood + real estate
    8. #yourneighborhood + home for sale
    9. #yourneighborhood + realty
    10. #yourneighborhood + life
    11. #yourneighborhood + living
    12. #closest big city + real estate
    13. #closest big city + home for sale
  • Branding Hashtags for Real Estate
    1. #yourbrokerage
    2. #realestateexperts
    3. #referrals
    4. #yourpersonalbrand
    5. #reducedfee
    6. #your farm area + expert
    7. #your farm area + brokerage
    8. #your farm area + personal branding
  • Fun Real Estate Hashtags
    1. #wontlast!
    2. #callnow!
    3. #bringthedog
    4. #poochfriendly
    5. #freecookies
    6. #motivationmonday
    7. #thursdaythoughts
    8. #justRealtorthings

    Real Estate Bundle

    Getting Leads On Instagram: How to Create Posts to Get Leads on Instagram 

    Creating posts on Instagram takes a bit of planning but with Real Estate Instagram templates like this full collection from Minted Maven Co, you’re already three steps ahead of the game.

    Follow the steps below to ensure that you posts are Insta-worthy:instantly

    1. Personalizing your Brand:people love connecting with others. Personalizing your account gives your potential audience reason to connect and remember you! Go ahead and take pictures of life as it happens, add in a few interests and hobbies along the way and don’t forget to tag your location!
    2. Create Consistency with Beautiful Branding:  use templates like these to build a complete brand for yourself on Instagram. Branding yourself early on will help you to become more recognizable to users, followers and potential clients 
    3. Tag your Location--ALWAYS. Tagging your location has the potential to boost engagement-big time. Plus, Instagram is a search engine, so people can search by location and landmarks 
    4. Neighborhood Video Posts:give your audience a peek at their new neighborhood without needing to do a drive by themselves. These posts are great for engagement and keep audience interests in listings in your areas
    5. Use Instagram Stories and Reelsto give sneak peeks at listings and “insider” views. 
    6. Post “Behind the Scenes” Action: Millions of HGTV fans can’t be wrong! People love to witness home buying processes and sales...give them an up-close view!

    Want to create those Instagram posts fast? Here's your go to templates:

    1. Would You Rather Instagram Post Templates: These "would you rather" Instagram posts will help you create an engaging feed on your real estate account. 

    2. Prepare to Sell Templates:30 amazing templates! Take your followers through day by day tips to help them be ready to sell when the time comes. 

    3. Real Estate Social Media Bundle: Looking to refresh your Real Estate Instagram Account and start getting more followers and leads? This social media bundle will help you create an informative and engaging environment where you can get noticed and followed

    PLUS so many more Instagram and other Real Estate marketing resources right on Minted Maven Co that allow you to easily create, schedule and post  so you can get back to other real estate marketing! 

    Instagram for Real Estate Agents: Takeaways

    Marketing on Instagram is one of the most important tools to use for real estate agents in 2021. Understanding Instagram for the real estate agent niche is crucial for success on this platform.

    From personal branding to hashtags, to creating standout posts with easy Real Estate templates, this is one guide you’ll want to bookmark and reference.  

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