Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2021

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            Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2021

Looking to up your real estate marketing in 2021? Give yourself a major boost in leads and sales with these no-fuss real estate marketing ideas that will have you rolling in leads and sales throughout this year and beyond! 

1Social Media Shout: BOOST Engagement with Polls, Q & A’s & Stickers on Instagram:

Make the most of your Instagram and Facebook presence by marketing your real estate company with tools like polls, Q &A’s and stickers!

Using Instagram Stories to post questions, use GIF’s, videos and more will help to make your content engaging and easy for your audience to digest. As your audience likes your content and begins to share your posts, your content will start to spread organically which means a wider reach!

Have an idea for a contest or giveaway? Post it on Instagram and Facebook to create some buzz around your business! The more consistent you are on any of these platforms, the more your audience will gain confidence and trust in the content you provide. 

Consistency boosts your overall presence, increases followers and increases leads. Don’t forget to put a link for your publications and listings in all of your profiles as well - more on that below!


2. Use Real Estate Specific Marketing Tools 

There may be a bunch of real estate marketing tools out there, but as you may have already discovered, each one is very different and, in some cases can be lack-luster. 

Many of us start off using our own design skills to create templates in Canva, but let’s face it, time gets tight and your time should be spent on other areas of marketing. 

Minted Maven Co is a great example of one such real estate marketing company that has taken the guesswork out of real estate marketing essentials. From templates to door hangers, bundles, postcards and more, you’ll get everything you need to create all of your 2021 real estate marketing in just one click.


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3. Find Your Why: Branding & Emotion 

Ever wonder why people buy? You probably see it all the time. People see-saw between cars, clothing and, yes, that perfect house that...wasn't perfect enough. Often times, we discredit the emotional aspect that plays such a big role in the buying process.

Emotional connection is rather strong in the overall buying decisions of purchasers. Understanding your audience is key and your marketing needs to reflect your audience’s core values and ideals. Taking the time to remember why you became an agent and then reflecting that into your marketing will help to attract your target audience.

After all, it’s not about “showing you the money”, (thank you, Jerry McGuire), but more about whatyour company stands for that will entice leads to come back again and again. 

Get started by asking yourself a few questions so you can begin to think  about your audience and not the sale. Start with what sparked your decision to become a real estate agent to begin with and go from there. Perhaps it was because: 

  • You love connecting with people 
  • You love discovering new spaces for people to grow in
  • You wanted to help your community  

Think about your mission and values. Get to the core of why you chose to start your real estate career and that will shape your brand and build your real estate marketing in a way that will truly resonate with your leads.  

4. Marketing Designed...By YOU! 

There’s no need to spend hours and hours creating your own real estate marketing  flyers, templatespostcards and more. 

Enter: Minted Maven Co: beautifully designed, modern real estate marketing templates that instantly grab the attention from buyers and sellers alike.  Marketing for your real estate company has never been easier.  These fully editable templates are perfect for getting a jumpstart on your marketing NOW:

Grab your templates & bundles right here

5. Connect with Influencers to Boost Social Media Engagement 

Influencer marketing in the world of real estate is expanding and it’s time you stepped up your game on social media. Collaborating with influencers outside of your niche is a great way to combine forces and build your social media market. Start following influencers on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Chime into conversations and posts and establish yourself as an authority figure within your niche. 

Want to grow even more? Finding influencers in your niche doesn’t mean they need to be nationally known. Influencers that are outside of yourimmediate community but known nearby can help you to extend your reach in your community. 

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6. Post-IT! Use Postcards for Marketing  

Postcardsare one of the easiest and most effective real estate marketing tools. They require no effort from your target audience and you can utilize them to showcase some of your most lucrative and gorgeous listings. 

Get your hands on high converting postcard designs out there with this set of beautifully designed postcards from Minted Maven Co and if you need more than just postcards, round off by purchasing one of their time-saving Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Bundles: a real lifesaver for marketing in the world of real estate! 

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7. Make your Site Mobile Friendly: 

Why go mobile? With over 80% of internet traffic accounting from mobile devices, it’s time to take a look at how mobile-friendly your website looks. 

Here’s a quick overview of what mobile-friendly might look like so you can be ready to market your real estate business via smartphone: 

  1. Do your images, videos, and animations capture attention on mobile?Ensure that they are high-quality and not grainy on all devices to help your target audience access your listings!
  2. Use “call now” buttons on your mobile site and landing pages or use some call to action on those buttons to ensure your traffic knows what to do to take action. 
  3. Use shorter paragraphs in your blog posts. Shorter = consumable and faster - especially while on mobile. 
  4. Make sure your Facebook headlines are not cut off on mobile. If you’re advertising on Facebook, make sure that those Ads are working properly on both mobile and desktop. 
  5. Use a certain landing page software to increase your chances of your audience staying on your site longer. Unbounce has been recommended as one such landing page software that can help you with this. 


 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2021

8. Boost Email Engagement with Facebook Messenger Ads   

Market on Messenger? YEP!  You can create a Facebook Messenger Ad for your Real Estate Agency and your listings!  Some benefits of using Messenger Ads include: 

  • Access to lead’s profiles
  • Offer instant responses via chat bots
  • Open rate tends to be higher than that of email marketing 
  • You can Target Target users via Instagram Messenger AND 

Using strategies such as Click to Messenger Ads, which are basically Facebook Ads that show up in your audience’s news feed, is an awesome real estate marketing tool that converts better than email! These Messenger Ads feature a strong Call to Action (CTA) that engages your audience to start a conversation with you in Messenger...genius! 

You can learn more about how to market your real estate listings and grab leads via Facebook Messenger Ads right here


9. Team Up! Connect & Create with Local Newspapers and Magazines 

Work with your local newspaper, magazine or even online publications to post a bi-weekly or monthly column on real estate!  

Take a peek inside your community and become the resident expert for community listings and all things real estate. Establishing yourself as the go-to realtor in your community is a big way to up your stake in real estate marketing. Here’s a quick step by step: 

  • Connect with local newspapers, magazines or online publications
  • Create a content calendar with them for bi-weekly or monthly content that’s relevant in your community 
  • Market these articles using Link Tree to create links that you can post on all of your social media platforms and website 

Another benefit of using articles on other platforms is the potential for expanding your reach.  Repurposing the content you create with links will also help the content to “live” longer than just in social media feeds alone 


10. Create the Experience: Video Real Estate Marketing 

Videos are an incredible way to catch your audience’s attention and bring connection to any listing. Short videos on social media and on your website can tell a story that will bring buyers into the home, neighborhood and even community. 

These creative video stories help your target audience visualize the possibility of living in their new home. A sort-of glimpse into what day to day life could be like in their new space. 

You can check out some examples of how one particular agency, Logan & Bernard Group, put video and lifestyle feel into their listings right here.


11. Real Estate Marketing on Zillow:

Online real estate platforms such as Zillow continue to reign supreme in the world of listings. With more people opting for virtual tours and online showings, marketing your services on Zillow as a buyer's agent or listing agent is an absolutely MUST in 2021. 

Check out how to market yourself in your area on platforms like Zillow and Trulia here.

Wrapping it Up on Real Estate Marketing: 

From social media posts, to gorgeous templates, virtual tours and using local resources, there are many real estate marketing tools out there you can use to generate leads and sales. 

Try any of these trends or ideas? Awesome!  Share with us below. 

Have questions on marketing your real estate company? Drop them below!

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