The Best Real Estate Apps for 2021

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            The Best Real Estate Apps for 2021

Want to keep with the latest real estate technology to help you market and manage your business? Organizing, managing, and marketing your real estate business doesn’t have to be difficult! 

Below we have the best real estate apps every agent must get their hands on for 2021. 

These apps have been hand-selected for you and are by far the best tools every real estate agent needs. 

1. IXACT Contact 

Finding the best CRM app can be tricky. Top that off with trying to get an app with a plethora of social media features at an unbelievably affordable price and that can seem impossible.  Thankfully, there’s IXACT Contact. 

For just $33.00 per month, you can get advanced social media marketing tools with all the other contact management tools real estate agents need. 

Pair these social media templateswith this app and you have everything you need for making a serious impact with your real estate business on social media. 

 Why Real Estate Agents Love This App: 

From managing contacts to reminders for when you need to check in with your leads, email marketing, and a social stream, IXACT Contact has everything you need. IXACT Contact also integrates easily with some of the most popular platforms out there. Here are some integrations that work with IXACT Contact:  

  • Google Contacts and Calendar
  • BombBomb
  • Zillow
  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Mojo, and more via Zapier

 Real Estate Website PropertyBase App

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2. PropertyBase

PropertyBase is an all-in-one platform that excels at combining incredible lead generation, customer management, and website building for your real estate business. This site helps you to convert leads into long term clients by giving you a whole host of tools in one space. 

PropertyBase includes MLS integration as well as an unbelievable IDX lead-generating website that works so well together--you won’t need much more. 


Why Real Estate Agents Love this App: 

Combining text messaging, a mobile app, lead and pipeline management plus so much more, PropertyBase has everything a real estate agent needs for keeping organized and closing every sale. 


Cell phones connecteam app best real estate apps
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The versatility of this app makes it one of the most useful out there. Known as the “digital suitcase” for real estate agents, Connecteam allows real estate agents to manage their teams, review property listings and so much more. 


Features Real Estate Agents Love & Why You Need It:

Gone are the days of needing to chase down realtors, property managers, and the like. With Connecteam, you can send communications on pricing, updates, and announcements via chat groups, private chat, and real-time push notifications. Along with ease of communication, Connecteam also allows you to: 

  • Create fully searchable libraries for all the forms you need from applications to property appraisal reports, underwriting guides, and more. You’ll find everything you need in one space--all available with just a click
  • Put all your contacts in one director: team members and agents can easily communicate with one another in one consolidated area. 
  • Task management hub: you can create one-time tasks and more in this section which is great for when you find something wrong with a listing and you need to contact the property manager to rectify it. 


Got leads? CINC is an easy-to-use lead generation and organization app that drives productivity all while keeping your conversion costs low. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Not only does it save you time and money, but this app also acts as your very own personal assistant; seamlessly keeping you connected and engaged with your clients all while eliminating the back and forth texting and messaging.  


Why Real Estate Agents Love this App: 

Managing leads on the go has never been easier than with CINC. Not only does this app organize your leads but it also gets them on the phone for you and qualifies them before you connect with them.  

This app also features automated follow-up tools to keep you on top of your game throughout the entire home buying and selling process. 

CINC prides Priding themselves in bringing agents 20% lower cost per lead year over year, this real estate app is a must-have for agents. 



In a world filled with instant communication, (coupled with inpatient sellers and buyers), your ability to respond to potential clients can mean the difference between a sale and a “see you later”. Give your leads exactly what they want with an instant response using Freshchat.

Freshchat enables chatbots on your site so that leads can get their questions answered regardless if you’re online or not.  


Features Real Estate Agents Love: 

Freshchat allows you to put in programmed responses using a bot or you can choose to respond via your phone like a text message...brilliant!

What’s even better about this app? It’s completely FREE for up to 10 of your team members and only $24.00 to add AI (artificial intelligence) chatbots to bring in leads while you sleep. 


Video Messaging BombBomb App for Real Estate Agents

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6. BombBomb 

Do you prefer video instead of text when chatting with leads? Send personalized messages via BombBomb: a video messaging app that lets you record and send video emails.  

Why Real Estate Agents Love it: 

Quickly and easily record, send and even track video messages with this app.  Sending off videos instead of long-forgotten emails or texts not only gets more responses, but it provides a personal touch that many agents aren’tusing quite yet. BombBomb also integrates with many of the email platforms you’re already on such as:

  • Gmail
  • Outlook 
  • Outreach
  • Salesforce 

This makes it even easier to get videos to clients sent and connections made. Try it out free for the first 14 days and you’ll see why real estate agents and their clients love it.

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7. Buffer

Are you a social butterfly? If you’re marketing across several social media platforms and are spending more time on social media than doing other needed tasks in your business, then Buffer is a must-have. 

 Buffer schedules real-time posts across most social media platforms which makes it the go-to choice among real estate agents. 


Why Real Estate Agents Love this App: 

Aside from saving you painstaking hours of moving between a variety of social media platforms, Buffer integrates seamlessly with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Zapier, IFTT, Feedly, Pocket, WordPress, and more.

Top this app off with social media posts that are already done for you and you’ve turned days of marketing into mere hours! 


Real Estate Agent Woman on Cell Phone Choosing the best apps for you Choosing the Best Real Estate Apps for You: 

One of the largest concerns for real estate agents is knowing how to keep up with technology. Thankfully this list of real estate apps will get you and your business organized from lead generation to closing and more.

Top this all off by using these apps in conjunction with a marketing plan such as these 
done for you templates on social, and you'll be able to put solid systems in place while you’re on the go.  

These tools make connecting with realtors and property managers seamless all while enabling you to start dominating your local property space.  


Tried one of these apps? Leave us a note!  


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