How to Edit Your Templates


After you purchase you will receive a link to download your PDF file containing your link to your template. Download that to your computer, then open and click on the "Canva Template" button within. 


Click the Uploads button on the left panel.Click "Upload media" and select files from "Device."


Drag and drop photos into place by moving photos over the photo box until they pop into place.Double click on the photo to adjust the positioning of the image.


Click on text boxes to change the font type or color. Remove text by clicking on the box and selecting delete. Add new text by clicking on the Text button on the left panel and clicking "Add a heading, Add and subheading or Add a little bit of body text."


To change the color of an element, simply click on the box then click the colored button on the top bar. You will be able to select any color there or enter your own code to match your brand colors.


Download your file by clicking download on the top bar. 

If you will be using this file on a screen (instagram, facebook, etc.) then make sure PNG is selected and select the pages you wish to download. Click the download button.

If you will be printing your file (guide, doorhangers, checklists, etc.) then make sure PDF Print is selected and select the pages you wish to download. Click the download button.

Open files and if they will be used online, transfer images to your phone using email, airdrop, dropbox, or your preferred method. Post to Instagram, Facebook etc.!

If the files are to be printed, simply open the PDF and print yourself or send to a local printer. 

* You can also find a video tutorial inside your PDF download you received with your purchase. If you still have questions please visit for more tutorials.